Janus Rights: Pennsylvania Teachers Exhort Court to Strike Down Unconstitutional State Law

Citing Janus, Pennsylvania Public School Teachers Ask Federal Court to Strike Down Unconstitutional Law Authorizing Forced Dues Teachers who sued to challenge forced union fees file motion asking court to apply the Supreme Court’s Janus decision to Keystone State law authorizing forced fees Harrisburg, PA (October 9, 2018) – In an ongoing case challenging the […]

IL Union Lawsuit Seeks More Power to Discriminate Against Nonmembers

Original Janus Plaintiff Moves to Intervene in IL Union Lawsuit Seeking More Power to Discriminate Against Nonmembers Public employee’’s motion: Illinois AG Madigan fails to present adequate legal arguments against union lawsuit challenging state bargaining law Chicago, IL (September 14, 2018) – An Illinois state employee has filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit brought […]


Minnesota Court Employees Win Full Refunds of Forced Union Dues

  Minnesota Court Employees Win Full Refunds of Forced Union Dues Seized in Violation of Supreme Court’s Janus Decision Teamsters officials forced to return every dollar, plus interest, of fees seized by the union from the court workers Minneapolis, MN (September 10, 2018) – A federal First Amendment lawsuit brought by National Right to Work Legal […]


CA State Employee Files Class Action per Janus Rights

  CA State Employee Files Class Action Lawsuit to Reclaim Forced Union Fees under Janus Precedent Class of 5,000 workers seeks refund of millions of dollars in fees seized by SEIU officials in violation of Supreme Court’s Janus precedent San Jose, CA (August 16, 2018) – National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation staff attorneys have […]


SEIU Issues its First Janus Rights Case Refund – Two Years of Forced Dues

Oregon Civil Servant Wins First Refund of Forced-Fees under Janus Precedent as SEIU Returns Two Years of Fees SEIU officials forced to settle federal lawsuit and return nearly $3,000 in illegal forced fees as a result of Foundation-won Janus precedent Eugene, OR (July 30, 2018) – A federal First Amendment lawsuit brought by National Right to […]


After Janus victory, Union Bosses Withdraw Challenge to Idaho Right To Work

Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court Victory Leads Union Lawyers to Drop Lawsuit Seeking to Overturn Idaho’s Right to Work Law Following the National Right to Work Foundation’s victory in the US Supreme Court Janus v. AFSCME decision, International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 370 union officials have withdrawn a case pending at the 9th Circuit Court […]

Your Government Employee Union Dues Deductions May Violate Your First Amendment Rights

National Right To Work Legal Defense Analysis: Re: Legality of Union Deduction Authorizations Executed Before Janus v. AFSCME. Is it permissible under the First Amendment for government employers to deduct union dues or fees from employees’ paychecks pursuant to deduction agreements signed in agency fee jurisdictions before the Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME […]


A California SEIU Faces a $100-Million Class Action Janus Rights Related Case

Foundation-backed Hamidi v. SEIU class action lawsuit for over 40,000 nonmember workers seeks refunds of monies taken in violation of the First Amendment Sacramento, CA (July 9, 2018) – The recent Foundation-won U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME strengthens the legal case brought for 40,000 California state employees seeking refunds of dues seized by Service Union International (SEIU) […]


National Right To Work Warns States to Comply with Janus Rights

National Right to Work Foundation Sends Letter to States to Stop Forced-Fees Abuses that Violate Janus First Amendment Precedent Letter explains states open themselves up to lawsuits if they continue seizing union fees from nonmember public employees Springfield, VA (July 3, 2018) – In light of the new U.S. Supreme Court Janus ruling that declares compulsory union fees […]