Children need proper education, but unfortunately they can’t get it while schools are shut down. Evidence shows schools can open safely. Yet, teacher union bosses are doing all they can to keep schools shut down.

And, they are using this tragedy to siphon more money out of all of us. On top of it all, speculation has it that Biden plans to reward those responsible with cabinet positions.

Here’s an excerpt from an article published by Stan Greer in CNS News:

Even though the U.S. already spends nearly 40% more per pupil than the average for Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member countries, according to the nonpartisan National Center for Education Statistics, the teacher union hierarchy insists much more money be spent. A joint statement by the AFT brass claims schools need “at least” another $116.5 billion to reopen.  This is money that would almost certainly have to come from federal taxpayers. Unless Big Labor-dominated school bureaucracies get the loot, according to AFT President Randi Weingarten, “they won’t reopen, period.” […]

But top teacher union officials who have inflicted substantial harm on millions of American schoolchildren that “could last a lifetime” are still set to get a big reward from a Biden presidential administration for their strenuous efforts to keep schools locked down. […] [A] “lot of speculation has focused on Biden nominating” Weingarten or her partner in perpetuating school closures, just-retired NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia, to be his education secretary. 

Stan Greer, CNS News