from NJTV (NPR) New Jersey:

“I am not anti-union. I am a team player. I’ve been a teacher for 30 years,” [ Sue Fischer] said. “You have to pay if you join and pay if you don’t join. That was so un-American to us.”

In an unprecedented step, the Ocean Township middle school teacher and a colleague are taking the NJEA to court by filing a federal class action suit against the state of New Jersey, the NJEA and their local union. They’re claiming the labor groups are violating Janus, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling from June that prevents unions from collecting dues if a public employee opts out.

In May, Gov. Phil Murphy signed an amendment giving public employees just 10 days following the anniversary of their employment each year to withdraw from their union.

Another Big Labor-Big Government scheme to undermine employees constitutional rights exposed by the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation.

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