As Biden ready’s his Cabinet, he’s gearing up to make some changes. Many could undermine Right To Work and expand forced unionism.

Here’s a quote from a Daily Caller Post:

While the Supreme Court decision is the law of the land and cannot be countered by legislation or executive action, there are several ways a Biden administration could curb Janus v. AFSCME.

Thomas Catenacci, The Daily Caller

You should know the following about Biden’s labor policy pulled from a Daily Caller post:

During his campaign, President-elect Joe Biden promised to create “millions” of new union jobs, vowed to sign the pro-union Protecting the Right to Organize Act and received the endorsement of numerous labor unions.

“His campaign platform laid out an aggressively pro-union policy agenda from top to bottom,” Maxford Nelsen, the director of labor policy at the Freedom Foundation, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Biden administration will likely implement policies that facilitate labor organizing, shorten union elections and reverse key President Donald Trump administration National Labor Relations Board decisions.

Thomas Catenacci, The Daily Caller