National Right to Work Attorneys argued and the U.S. Supreme court in Janus v. AFSCME decision agreed that public employees like Kimberlee Warren cannot be forced to pay union dues and fees to keep her job.  But, Cuyahoga County Police Union Bosses have denied Kimberlee her constitutional rights and she has been forced to sue. Unfortunately, this is happening in other states across the country as well, and National Right to Work attorneys are defending her and many others across the United States.

From The Center Square:

“Despite her repeated requests, FOP bosses have continued to trample Warren’s Janus rights, and Foundation staff attorneys are fighting to stop this gross injustice against her and punish FOP bosses for their brazen behavior,” Foundation President Mark Mix said. […]

“All over the country, union officials are stopping at nothing to ensure they can continue ignoring workers’ First Amendment Janus rights and continue siphoning money from paychecks of dissenting employees,” Mix said. “After Janus was handed down, FOP union officials in Warren’s workplace could have come to her to attempt to get her to support the union voluntarily, but instead, tellingly, they began surreptitiously siphoning full dues out of her paycheck without her consent in direct contravention of the Supreme Court.”

Mark Mix, as quoted in The Center Square

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