The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has just submitted a brief at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Anderson Federation of Teachers, et al. v. Rokita, defending an Indiana Law that protects teachers’ First Amendment rights against a lawsuit brought by teacher union bosses. The case is an appeal of a District Court judge’s preliminary injunction issued at the behest of union lawyers to stop the bill from going into effect. […]

The U.S. Supreme Court recognized that employees have a First Amendment right to refrain from subsidizing union speech in the 2018 Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court decision. That case was argued and won by National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys.

In Janus, the Court ruled that forcing public sector workers to subsidize union activities as a condition of employment violates the First Amendment. The Court also held that no union dues or fees can be taken from a public worker’s wages without a knowing and intelligent waiver of that employee’s First Amendment right not to pay, and that such a waiver “cannot be presumed.”

The brief filed by National Right to Work attorneys defends the Indiana law and urges the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the injunction, arguing the lower court ruling made three critical errors in justifying its ruling.


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