South Jersey Bus Drivers Hit IFPTE Union with Federal Lawsuit Challenging Unconstitutional Dues Seizures from Wages

Drivers tried to end IFPTE dues deductions from paychecks in January 2022 in accordance with documents they signed, but union kept taking money – leading to lawsuit

At Ninth Circuit, Las Vegas Police Officer Defends First Amendment Right to Stop Funding Unwanted Union

Foundation staff attorneys just filed the final brief in a Las Vegas police officer’s federal lawsuit defending her First Amendment right to abstain from union dues deductions.

Suit Spotlights Inequity of Monopoly Bargaining

Despite Janus, three CUNY plaintiffs who have resigned from the PSC are still being forced to bankroll it today.

Biden High Court Pick: Big Labor’s Go-To Judge

Last spring, just three months after taking office, Mr. Biden nominated Judge Jackson for a seat on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals…

CEA Union Officials Back Down after Teacher Exercises Rights

CEA Union officials tried to limit educator’s First Amendment right to abstain from union financial support to arbitrary “escape period”

NYC University Professors Challenge Forced Union ‘Representation’ in Lawsuit Detailing Union Anti-Semitic Speech and Actions

The suit challenges the New York State law (“Taylor Law”) that PSC union officials use to force the professors under their monopoly “representation”…