Lucas County JFS Employees Win Back Unconstitutionally Seized Money from AFSCME Union

JFS Employees exercised constitutional right to stop funding AFSCME union activities, but union-imposed restriction blocked exercise of right for over 90 percent of year

Biden Bureaucrats Move to Gut Constitutional Right to Work Protections For Federal Employees

When Right to Work advocates made their first valiant, although diffuse, efforts to stop the spread of government-imposed compulsory union membership in the private sector during World War II, few, if any, of them imagined that, within less than a generation, the virus of monopolistic unionism would hit the public sector. Unfortunately, by the late […]

Another Janus Victory: SJTA Bus Drivers Win Back Illegally Seized Dues

Tyron Foxworth and his fellow SJTA bus drivers told union officials to cease union dues to no avail, until Foundation staff attorneys’ lawsuit forced union bosses to back down.